Are you a food blogger and looking for help in any of the following areas? 
Then don't hesitate to contact me using the contact form below or sending an email directly to 
jessica (at) cookingmydreams (dot) com
to get more details about the services and pricing.

Ingredients, Process Shots, and final styled photos of your recipes.

Writing good SEO food posts of 500 or 1000 words with ingredient information, step-by-step instructions, storage, equipment, variations, substitutions, and FAQ. Additional keyword research can be requested to be added to the content.

Design of Logos, Pinterest Pins, Custom PDF Printables, Recipe E-books, or other design needs.

Creation of web stories with 4-8 pages to bring Google traffic to your blog posts or recipe collections.

Do you need help keeping track of your blog? Let me help you by organizing all your existing blog posts and/or content calendar in an Excel Spreadsheet or Airtable with all relevant information to keep track of, such as URL, Pin description, Season, Category, Updates, and so on.
Thank you!
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